Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Note: KP goes International Photo taken in India.

I love Barcelona, it is as simple as that!

In 2001 when my Dad and I were there it was amazing and I have always wanted to go back a little wiser and sample some of the nightlife and the shopping.

I did both on this trip, and can't wait to go back again in summer.

Barcelona buzzes, it is an electric place full of vitality and dynamism.

I stayed in a backpackers hostel which was completely bizarre, in India I stayed mostly in hotels and homestays and the be back in a dorm felt like going back in time.

The hostel was very clean and funky and it was here that I met a group of 20 year old Australians who reminded me of me 5 years ago (ok 6), I felt so old in their presence that I nicknamed myself grandma.

It was interesting talking to them but not soulful (I can blame India for that line), they said things like

'I would never go anywhere by myself because then you wouldn't see as much' which forced silent indignation to rise within me and made me want to say.... wake up, but I didn't.

For most of the time, I just walked aimlessly around the old streets and tried to get lost and I decided not to take any photos but instead to start charcoal drawing.

It was fun getting my hands dirty (reminded me of Asia) and whilst I am no Picasso I just loved trying to be.

I know that whilst you can't be good at everything you can have a darn good time trying to be..

I will photograph my artworks and put them on flickr (as long as you promise not to laugh at how bad they are!)

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