Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I am sorry

I am sorry to my fans for not posting lately. I will be better i promise.

I am settled in London and having a ball. I have moved into the nicest house, a 200 year old Georgian building that is full of charm and character. I am sharing with 2 amazing boys... who are such a blessing.

Gareth who work in music publishing and is the epitome of cool- a skinny pant wearing drummer and Andy a funny, charming Liverpudlian who can fix anything (including washing machines when KP breaks them).

The flat is in W1, the best post code the city has to offer and is right near Regents Park, Great Portland Street and Oxford Circus and close enough to everything to make walking practical even when it is zero degrees.

I have wireless Internet at my flat and I am lucky enough to listen to abc stremmed online, I love hearing the traffic reports as I prepare for slumber- weird that everything is in reverse.

I went to Oxford last weekend and it felt like going home. It was great to be in the countryside and surrounded by the familiar in such an unfamiliar time.

I am managing to fill most nights with some form of activity, from visiting friends to drinks with my colleagues i feel like I am getting settled.

I am off to an Australia day party on Friday night which should be wild, I hear that people tend to celebrate national days here more than they do at home.

I will give you all the BIG update soon...

In the meantime,

I will be thinking of you in your sleep.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Dreaming of a White Christmas

Every day up until Christmas I was praying for snow. I seemed to gain a slight obsession with mother nature and began researching about when you can tell it is about to snow so i would be prepared... werid i know.

I was spending Christmas in a small Swiss village near St Galland in Appenzel (where the cheese comes from). Excited by Robbi (my cousin in laws predictions) of the ground being covered in snow, I couldn't wait and felt like a kid again. I was worried that it was too warm as it was about 3 degrees in Zug.

On Christmas eve we left Jen''s for the two hour journey and the scenery was amazing; mountains; lakes and snow covered trees were in abundance and I was well and truly in fairy land.

We were joined by some other cousins- Caroline and Pino (from Bondi) and their two gorgeous girls Isabella and Claudia and it was so wonderful to be around family again. Caroline and the girls had just spent a year living in iskia (off the Italian coast) and the girls had learnt to speak Italian and brought so much fun to our Christmas adventure.

Christmas was incredibly luxurious, on arrival at the village that was entirely white we went for a scenic walk and played in the snow. It was an previously unseen beauty, the type that takes your breath away (maybe that was because it was so cold). Next we had a sauna, which involved getting really hot and running into the cold pool, drinking a beer and repeating the process. Finally we sat down to a never ending feast of fish, caviar, ham, potatoes and loads of other yummy treats.

Next it was time for presents and i was spoilt rotten, considering I was away from home. That night i spoke to my family and my my brother got my nieces and nephews to sing me jingle bells down the phone- i couldn't hold back the tears and their cute little cartoony voices made my Christmas unforgettable.

The next morning, after one of the nicest breakfasts in the history of breakfast where i even ate reindeer from Lapland we set off on our drive to St Anton an Austrian ski resort in the alps.

When we got there, we loaded the luggage into the chalet and set about cooking our Australian meal. We had roast turkey and veggies followed by Australian delights including caramello koalas and tim tams.