Monday, April 23, 2007

Muscles from Brussels

Despite my best attempts, I was not able to locate John Claude Van Dam on my short weekend away in Belgium- i searched high and low but the little man with the guns that make the girls go weak at the knees was not to be seen anywhere.

I arrived courtesy of the Eurostar- which saw me leave my office and standing in Hazel's amazing 'home beautiful' apartment in just over 3 hours.

Exhausted from a big week work wise and feeling a little emotionally drained (it was my mum's birthday a few days earlier...a time that is always a little sad for me)- i was glad to get on with things and create some fun for myself.

First stop- a cafe/bar that was heaving and allowed me to sample some of Belgium's finest beers- after only a couple- they are STRONG i was on the way.

Next morning, i awoke in the home beautiful apartment- it is equisite with 4 metre ceilings, glass windows over looking a rustic garden with a lilac tree, a white broome tree, a delicious coloured camellia in bloom and an abundance of lady beetles.

Soon we headed off in search of chocolate- not very hard around here and a waffle (for me).

We wandered down the lush Avenue Louise, as we strolled past Prada, Louis Vitton and D&G- i was discovered an entirely knew phenomena- people in Brussels wear a lot of brown! After the discovery was made it was all i could see- tan pants, chocolate coloured tops, right down to scuffed shoes- the city is teaming with a brigade of designer dressed brown aficionados and i felt out of place in my stripey yellow T and green cap.....

First we went to a lovely square with an arguable 'antique' market, full of the odd piece of treasure but by and by new things meant to look old with the occasional chandelier for effect. next we paraded the chocolate shop, my favourite moment of the weekend- i sampled some of the finest chocolate known to man- flavours rich, soft in texture and delicious in taste. HEAVEN.

Next we headed to Manakin Pis- a bizarre tourist attraction which essentially is a 40 centimetre statue of a boy doing a wee....lucky for me- it was a special day at the statue and instead of the usual water he was relieving him self through a reverse catheter of beer... only in Belgium- people lined in a quest for the holy piss and i laughed- took photos and found it all rather bizarre.

Next stop was the main square, possibly the nicest spot in town- reminiscent o the main square in Venice- gold glittered on windows, statues bathed in sunshine... very European.

In the afternoon- after walking most of the city- H and I decided it was time for a power nap before we met up with 6 other lawyers for dinner- i discovered that 25% of the population are expats- mostly centered around the EU offices.

Dinner was a slow affair- the service invariably bad but the food was good.

We ended the night downing cocktails in a swanky city bar.


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