Saturday, September 16, 2006

KP goes all Viet

KP- Viet Style, originally uploaded by kathrynparry41.

Nam is an interesting place- full of life in a great pastiche of colour and amazement.

Today I woke up slightly hung over in Hue, I went out dancing to one of the hottest nightclub in town ‘Brown Eyes’ where the drinks are expensive (for here) and the music is very bad.

I went for a walk to the park and got talking to two young boys (about 15) they were just amazed to sit near a foreigner and they just smiled and looked at me in awe like I was an exhibit from a museum.

They taught me some Viet (Vietnamese) and as I walked back to the hotel I was approached by the usual 100 or so mottos, using this as an opportunity to practice my phrases, I was asked if I was in fact Vietnamese?

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