Wednesday, September 06, 2006

One night in Bangkok

In the tradition of Murray West I have spent the last 16 hours in Bangkok. I am not sure if I am more humble for the experience but I certainly feel alive.

After a relaxing 9 hour flight in the care of the very hospitable Thai airlines staff I touched down in Bangkok not sure what to expect. On arrival, I felt a little apprehensive but after figuring out how to locate my bags (all by myself) I started to feel a little more in control.

On exiting the airport I was struck by the heat, the place is sweltering. The heat feels like it swims around inside you gently making your insides boil.....the only escape is the feeling of AC on the back of your neck. I feel like I am in a hot air dryer. The temp must be about 35 and the humidity is at 110% which I didn’t even know was possible.

I am certain that there is not as much oxygen in the air, the city is very polluted and people wear oxygen masks just to walk down the street. It is exhausting being outside in the hustle and bustle but it is very interesting to watch a city of 12 million people go by.

I went for a walk this morning and found some local markets, there was an eclectic array of foodstuffs, home wares, crafts and of course burnt CD's and fake T-shirts for sale. I was most interested in the fish that looked like they were cut in half and filled with something white like beans?

My limited experience has seen so many people be friendly and welcoming and I am keen to let the adventures really begin.

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