Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Single Sundays

Photo- Trafalgar Square

I had dinner with my friend Maxine the other night, Maxine is one of my best girlfriends in London, she is always a good giggle, with a fantastic turn of phrase she almost forces me to look at things in different ways.

Together we pondered London, our relationships and Maxine introduced me to an expression I had not heard before... Single Sundays. Like a topic those female characters I used to worship would write about- think Carrie Bradshaw or perhaps my very own British version Bridget Jones, I was sucked in and could think of nothing better to blog about.

I never noticed before but Sundays seem to have the capacity to be the loneliest days of all. Perhaps that is why they have always been associated with the day of rest. Or in my own case family and the friends I have known forever.

Have you ever noticed how the propensity for real intimacy increases dramatically on a Sunday morning (and I am not just talking about sex)? Have you ever noticed how your Sunday friends are the ones you can be around with ease? Perhaps if only because of the intolerable hangover you are suffering. It does seem that our tolerance for new friends decreases dramatically on the Sabbath. Could it be that a Sunday date is more special than those held on the more traditional date nights??

After our conversation, I recalled that I had spent my last Sunday without anyone to share my fruit salad with and whilst I was not lonely, choosing instead to explore North London on foot, read the papers and laze in bed- I was the embodiment of a single Sunday girl. I am not sure if I loved it or loathed it- I lived it like I live every day with a smile resting in the corners of my mouth embracing completely what it is to be in the present.

Earlier this year, I had spent most Sundays laying in the park with a nameless boy who until a few weeks ago was my main fella here. An English lad I casually dated. I do not regret the ending of the association I really think a big part of me embraced it (that is another story). Funny, how it is only when you have a single Sunday that you take stock of life. As i wandered through Regents Park I realised how far I have come and still i also noted how far I have to go…

The journey is only just beginning and as I spend more single Sundays here as my friendships cement, I am content knowing i will soon begin to spend them wrapped up in the conversations of my north side nearest and dearest and I will be able to delete the expression single Sunday from my vocabulary.

On the upside, I am off to Turkey this week to explore with Paulius (a Lithuanian boy i met in Oxford), I am more than excited, it is a country I have always wanted to go too, steeped in Australian myth. The following Sunday I will be in Germany with my Bobbi and Mars and the one after with Jen sailing in Italy- so don’t send the gin and razor blades just yet.

Missing home- KP

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Nico said...

Lonely sunday...could be a song called U2 :-)

Solitude is the bill for independance i reckon

btw thanks to internet, you can now share a fruit salad with friends and family wherever they are in the world,

and you girl are flying every week! Your lonely sunday sounds like a nicely organized break!

for the road, the remix of a great song about solitude ("my lonelyness is killing me, tout ca..) Follow the link !


From your French "long time" friend