Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A week in London

A week in London is a long time; it is a city that feels like it is constantly evolving around you, it is a place where your outlook can change in a second and in 7 days things can feel completely different to how they were.

The last 7 days have been just like that.

In la the last week I have played my first real poker game (Texas hold'em), seen my first West End show (Les Mis), been the Belle of my first UK ball (London Young Lawyers), attend my first house party (in London.. not ever- a massive affair in Shoreditch), feel single .. (no comment), fall in love (with a book... The End of the Affair.. really, it is that good), feel young and old at the same time (I had root canal- am I falling apart?- is it all down hill from here?), enjoy my first soccer ganne (how good are the hammers!) miss home (it was Mothers Day), meet some boys (but I won't kiss and tell- save that one for the ladies and the Aunts), and love London (how can you not)!

Life seems to carry on here at a frenetic pace and it is good to stay at home and catch my breath even if it is only for one night. Tonight, James came over and I cooked him dinner and we reminisced about the days when we were London room mates (it was only 3 months ago- but a lifetime when the weeks fly by). James has quickly become my best friend here, a blessing in a big city!

My gorgeous cousin Jen is arriving from Switzerland tomorrow and I am beyond excited, we are having dinner in/at Little Venice (a suburb, i have not been there yet- so i am not sure if the name is apt).

This weekend looks like it could be a quiet affair (but you never can tell), I contemplated going to Cows with Jen for a weekend of sailing and sunshine in Cornwell but decided against it given I am heading to Turkey next week and Germany with my Bobbi (my brother) the one after that.

No rest for the wicked!

Have some Autumn fun for me, miss you (you know who).


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