Saturday, December 27, 2008

Saying Goodbye

It is never easy saying good bye to your loved ones- and that has not been truer than now.

These last few weeks in London have been tough, I thought that I was doing really well and then on my last day at the office as I walked out of reception for the last time- tears crawled up my throat and poured down my cheeks. I've cried a few times since, even though I am not sad to be starting the adventure of a lifetime. My sadness comes in waves and it is not knowing if, when or ever I will live in London again which is the cruelest part for me.

I have never felt a massive affection for London, never felt the love I have for Syders but now that I am leaving I have spent time reflecting on all the things I have achieved here. I have (in the main) enjoyed my time, created lifelong friendships and had more opportunities to learn and improve myself that one could ever wish for in a lifetime. It is the differences to Sydney and Australia that makes London so special.

I have spent the last few days in Oxford with my dearest friends here in the UK. Christmas was a lovely affair, full of everything English and even though it was not a white one- it was perfect, complete with carols, turkey, puddings, banoffee pie (OMG- it is so good), presents and family.

I am at home now- I will spend my last 36 hours doing the final pack, cleaning my room and ticking off the last minute things from my list.

I am meeting Ra at Cancun Airport on the 29th after spending 13 hours in Washington DC.

Until then- KP

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Rachel said...

Oh how wonderful KP-- you're back. Your writing is very powerful and I love keeping up with your adventures this way. Bring it on!!
Besos to you and Ra xxx