Thursday, December 11, 2008

Twenty Boxes

I thought I would start blogging again- I really enjoyed it last time and only stopped because I felt that life had become too mundane.

Blogging for me is about describing some kind of adventure (I think the title gives this one away) and whilst living in London doing the Monday to Friday grind i felt a little bored with my own daily musings (but i guess that is why some blogs are amazing) the writer has the skill to make the uninteresting interesting etc etc.

It is freezing cold in London and I am currently packing up my life into 20 boxes ready to be shipped back down under to Sydney where I will land on June 4th.

I am in the midst of planning the grand tour- my personal Opus which will see me travel through Mexico, Belize and Guatemala- across to Switzerland, London (for 2 days) and then across to North Africa and down to Kenya, through Tanzania, Malai, Zambia, Uganda, Rwanda (for the Gorillas only), Botswana, Namibia and South Africa- where i will fly to my beloved hometown.

Right now i am overwhelmed- My room looks like a tip and I have so many things to do... namely fit my life into empty brown boxes, organise hotels/hostels, try to tie up loose ends at the office and get in the mood for Christmas.

It promises to be a crazy last few weeks. Bring it on!

I hope you will enjoy the adventures of KP part 2.

Lots of love



Ps- I land in Mexico on December 29.

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