Thursday, January 22, 2009

Amore Mexico City

This place is amazing....

At the start of this adventure, I decided that I would not go to MC- I was too scarred that I would get stolen.

But given that I am determined not to let fear dominate my trip I took the plunge and I am so glad that I did.

MC is a thriving metropolis and one of the largest cirties in the world. Famous for nurturing artists like Frida Khalo and Diego Rivera, kidnappings and hosting the Olympics in 1968. I was eager to uncover as much as I could.

The first thing I learnt was that the locals (all 25 million of them) refer to MC simply as Mexico.

The next thing that you notice is how friendly and attractive the people are. Taller than their fewllow countrymen of the South and Yucatan peninsula, they are robust and gorgeous.

Finally, I learnt that like Venice the city is sinking.

The city's size in incomprehensible- it is hard to grapple with the fact that more poeple live here than live in all of Australia combined.

Ra and I decided to stick on a well worn path- concentrating of the Reforma (the Champs Elysis of MC and home to the cities famous Republican monument... a tall colum adorned with a golden angel), Condessa- a trendy, artisty suburb that used to boast Kerouac as a local and the Centro Historic quarter.

What you cant help but notice on arrival is that the city is like one huge, giant, living art gallery.

Statues, sculptures, outdoor photo exhibitions dominate every quarter and then there are the murals (a government inititivne in the 1920's and 1930's that allowed the cities public buildings to be adorned with murals by Mexico's finest artists). It is sensational and a full blown colour assult on the senses.

MC might be my favourite big city of earth- it has the color of Mumbai, the bustle of Bangkok and the coolness that is Berlin.

The city is incredibly inspiring- Could MC be my muse? I know that since arriving here I have taken some pictures that I am proud of and started a new chapter of my never ending novel....

After Ra departed for San Fran- I have kept myself busy making new friends. Firstly Pascal from St Galland, a 28 Swiss man whose trip is about self discovery (but then again isn't everybodies?). Traveling with Pascal is the instantly likeable Samuel, a 30 year old carpenter (like Jesus as he told me) who is from the same Swiss village as my cousin Jen's husband. Samuel is travelling outside Europe for the first time.

Next was kiwi Mark, a tall athletic looking guy who was very nice. Mark's story was similar to mine.. he had recently quit his job in venture capital and was on his way around the world. Mark was interesting and handsome in the boy next door kinda way... he was extremly well travelled (his father was a diplomat) and used to play soccer for a UK club and New Zealand.

The end.

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Anonymous said...

Its great to hear you are having such an adventure. I guess you really dont know whats around the next corner. Im enjoying your reports. Love cous Trace