Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tour de Mexico

It was almost as if Ra and I were out to test our endurance... we had barely recovered from climbing the volcano and we decided that it was time to climb another mountain... this time on a bike.

We headed into town and picked up two mountain bikes, a map and we were off.

I was confident i would be ok- given my cycling experience of riding in London (which considered of riding to work 3 times and around Regents Park 8 times) and experience on the continent (a easy day of riding in France a few months back).

The beginning was easy- the first 5 kilometres were either flat or down hill and the only tricky bit was navigating a roundabout.... this would be a walk in the park.

We commenced the ascent after about 30 mins and cocky and egotistical as ever- i thought we would be fine.

after about 30 minutes of riding in an upwards direction we were off our bikes and positioned our self so we could walk them up the hill.

In charge of the map and directions, i decided it was time to make out turn onto the dirt track as directed.....


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