Saturday, January 03, 2009


The collectivo (similar to a communial taxi- where people split the fare) to Talum stoppped on the highway and asked us where we needed to go. We handed him the piece of paper with the name and address of Lobo Inn on the front. He motioned us out of the taxi and we were shell shocked.

We took two steps forward and saw next to us the somewhat faded sign Welcome to the Lobo Inn, positioned precariously on the motor way, with an old catus out front. We walked hesitently up the gravel drive, certain that this place was the biggest dump in all of Mexico... but then again looks can sometimes be wonderfully deceiving.

We were greeted by the engamatic and gregacios Cynthia, the heavily pregent proprieter and her German husband Lobo (which translates to wolf). Cynthia could be the warmest host i´ve ever encounted- she joked with us and showed us to our room. The room seemed quiet, clean and overlooked a courtyard with green plastic garden furniture. ´

We had arranged to meet Ra´s Australian friend Nat who lives in New York and her busty, beautiful Dominican girlfriend Ros who had arrived just before us. We hit it off over a few beers before deciding to head to Talum´s Mayan ruins and beach.

We borrowd some bikes fro Cynthia and set off down a gravel track, overtaking hords of bleary travellers on foot.

It was incrediably hot day, it was hard to blieve it was possiable to be near the sea when the air seemed so thick and heavy.

We walked through the ruins quickly, perhaps a little too quickly beacuse the beach was calling. It is a little like Angkor Wat in Cambodia, not quite as beautifully preserved but the setting is spellbinding.

The major reminients sit on a cliff top over looking a small cove complete with a white sand shore and bluest blue water the world has ever seen and we know instantly that the Mayans certainly had good taste.

We spent the rest of the afternoon lazing at the beach before going back to Lobo to prepare for New Years Eve.

When we arrived at Lobo, Cythia invited us to spend the evening with her family. We accepted and were so glad we did. The food was fantastic, traditional and made with the best ingrediaent We feasted on turkey, pork with the most delicious orange glaze i´ve ever tasted.

After dinner, we shared a bottle of tequilla before glamming it up and heading to a club on the beach called Akim.

The bar was beautiful, flanked by lush trees on both sides, with a thached roof complete with strobe lights, DJ´s, Band and a cute margarita making bar tender on a mission to mix us the best cocktails in Mexico.

We set the dance floor on fire with our tequilla induced moves... made friends with the crowd, befriended some band members and well I am sure you get the idea, Needless to say there were sore heads all round when we got home in the morning.

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