Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day 4- The long road to Jinja (Uganda)

Day four saw us make our way across our first boarder crossing- leaving the comforts of Kenya for neighbouring Uganda. To be honest i did not know a lot about Uganda as we made our way there- except of course about their terrible dictator Idi Amin.

I read in the guide book that Churchill called it the Pearl of Africa when he first visited and i hoped that sentiment was still true.

It took less than 1 hour for Uganda to give me a small green stamp of approval. as soon as we arrived i noticed the roads deteriorate- red, dusty and dangerous is how i would best describe them.

I also noticed a change in the people- the children here are beyond excited to see us pass and sometimes they look like they are going to pee their pants as they wave their arms uncontrollably yelling hello Muzunte (meaning hello whitey!!). Their enthusiasm is welcome and whilst i try and wave back to everyone, my arm does get sore... i cant even imagine how the queen does it- it probably takes year to perfect it.

I also notice that the people here look more active than those in Kenya... it seems that the rural people here are usually on their way somewhere (on foot or on bike) and less inclined just to sit under the shade of a tree watching the hours pass.

The terrain here is also greener and more lush than the parts of Kenya i visited and similar to Northern NSW (My second home).

We make camp early at one of Jinja's most happening youth hostels and my tent is replaced with a dorm room.

For dinner we cook fish and whilst i am keen to go out and explore the night life i am exhausted and tucked up in bed by 9:00pm.

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Lucy said...

Wow sounds like you are having an aweseom time and moving so fast!! I'll have to sit down snd read all through your adventures in a couple of gos as I'm behind track!! So glad you are enjoying yourself and so many fab experiences!! Much love my dear xxxxxx