Friday, February 13, 2009


36 hours in London was never going to be enough time... with a list as long as my arm of things to do...I did not know where to start.

I made a plan and set off early, managing to achieve most of my goals by lunch time- new trainers (as mine got wreaked on the volcano), new bras (seemed ridiculous that i only had two black ones with me in Mexico), a restock of medicine (zantac for my temperamental stomach) and a stock up of toiletries (was not sure what would be available in Africa).

I caught up with my dear friend Warren for lunch (so nice to see him)and stopped by my hairdresser to try and do something with my blonde tresses (my hair faded to gold on the beach in Mexico).

I arranged a very small farewell party at my old favourite pub and was delighted with the turn ended up at 5:00am in Mayfair with me falling out of a club... (literally fell over as it was very cold and my ballet shoe flats with out grip slipped on the black ice that had formed... not knowing it at the time i managed to get a severe bruise on my left bicep... and my arm is still sore!)

Thursday was a wipe out... i was so hung over i did not do much but pack, feel sorry for myself (my head hurt) and head to the airport.

As soon as i was on board i fell asleep only to wake 30 mins from Cairo.

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