Friday, February 20, 2009


With the next adventure about to begin, I left the comfort of my Egyptian family and departed for the airport. My driver tuned into Nile FM and we listened to classic rock tunes the whole way- my heart lifted when Survivor's 'Eye of the Tiger' came on, surely it was a good sign.

The airport had changed dramatically since I was in transit in Cairo in 2001, the terminal is new, and as you'd expect for a large metropolis, gone is the feeling of being in a dusty tin shed in the middle of desert.

I was anxious and easily irritable at departure, I seem to get that way when i am afraid... my patience was thin and i was not a nice person to be around.

As we boarded the plane, I was surprised with how many westerners there were on the flight- there were some people from Melbourne, old people, young families and even some other girls on their lonesome... that gave me comfort... I was not the only crazy one on the midnight flight into Nirobbery.

Once we touched down in Kenya I woke up, I must have fallen asleep somewhere over the Sudan.

I passed through passport control with ease and could spot at 50 paces the sign with my name. My driver was called Charlie- a stocky African with the widest and whitest smile I had ever seen- he could light up a room. He drove at speed down the dark roads- there were no street lights and I could only see the shadow of some low rise buildings as we passed.

At 4:40am with out a room to check into, I was told I could sleep outside under the pergola, first I took out my beloved whistle (a present from Ra) and tried to stay awake to fight off the boogie man, it was useless I was in lala land in 5 minutes... surfacing round lunch time (now).

I went out of the compound to get some lunch and whilst I only walked a few blocks it is so different from anywhere I have ever been it will take some getting used too.

The road outside my hotel is made of dirt and to enter you have to pass through a security check point- there are two guards in uniforms with guns watching the gate.

The people at my hotel are excellent, it is owned by an Australian couple (no one can ever escape them when you are on the road).

I plan to spend the next day here in the compound- I am pretty wary about leaving (aside from a quick trip to the shops down the road).I start my safari on Sunday.

Please don't worry about me too much (especially dad), I am in good spirits (happy and healthy now) and I am a tough little cookie.



Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy,

Just wanted to touch base, you know, with the news about things in Cairo, but I see you have already moved on, that's good. sorry to be so out of touch Kath but is this part of your trip back to Australia? Have you packed up in London or will you go back there?

I've missed a lot, though I've been looking at your photos on facebook. will catch up over the coming days and keep an eye on your movements. The whilstle sounds like a good idea, along with your wiles.

take care and love, Joan and fam

Anonymous said...

Hey Kath,
You go girl! Going through with you. What an adventure! Looks fabulous, great you are on a tour with others. Think Jane Goodall or Karen Blixen. I hope you get some computer access so we can see some pics etc. Love and hugs Aunty Les