Sunday, February 01, 2009

Life's a beach...

Dramatic coastlines, yellow sand and big surf were my first impressions as my fokker 100 flew over the town (i almost said city but it is tiny, teeny weeny). With low cloud cover_ fluffy marshmellow shaped clouds hovered about the shore and the plane just bounced along,every now and then hitting an air pocket.

Palm trees and tin huts dot the inland hills and it feels a million miles from the mania that is MC.

The airport is more like a landing strip than anything else, situated in a tropical paradise, the terminal is small, more like an air conditioned shed in the middle of heaven.

The light is blinding and the humidity fells well over 100% if that is possiable. I am soaked through even before i get into my taxi. My diver seemed like a particular jolly individual, smiley, chatty and we grin all the way to The Mayflower my digs for the week (or two) that i will stay in Peurto Escondito.

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