Thursday, March 26, 2009

Apologies- After Rwanda

First and foremost apologies from Dave for being such a distraction that I have not written a word of sense since we met n Entebbe.

This blog has become more of a 'love fest' than i had ever imagined and i appreciate that not everyone wants to hear about a lovable Liverpudlian wowing me all over Africa.

So i thought i would recap about some of the things that i have been doing lately and try not to mention the man.

After our drive back from Kabali we landed in lush, tropical Uganda- it was coincidentally the Liverpudlians birthday and also the day of our first game drive.

The bus was very excited- we were all eager to catch a glimpse of the BIG 5- despite most of us not being able to name them (me included). For the record they are

1 Elephant
2 Water Buffalo
3 Leopard
4 Black Rhino
5 Lion

Queen Elizabeth national park is located in South Western Uganda and home to Uganda's largest collection of mammals. Unfortunately some of this collection were victims of Uganda's bloody civil war.

On entrance to the park we were all thrilled to find a heard of African elephants not More than 20 metres from the truck.... the size, power and strengh were breathtaking- graceful, elegant and enormous.

The rest of the drive gave us the opportunity to see hundreds of Poomba (warthog), Hippo, more elephants but unfortunately NO cats- which lead t some disappointed faces.

Dave and I (ok, i wont mention him often) sat next to each other for most of the drive and the tension between us was building.... later that night we had our first kiss (which was like being hit for 6), made our first team bon fire and slept scared that the lions that the ranger came to warn us were in the vicinity might maim us.

The next day was the longest drive of the trip- a full 15 hours undertaken on minimal sleep but with a funny fellow beside me it flew by.

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