Tuesday, March 10, 2009


The land of the rolling hills was covered in a canopy of thick mist as we made our way to the Capital Kabali.

The lushest green hills enveloped the road- covered in luminous, eatable green tea plantations as far as the eye could see. Rwandian country side is stunning, in fact so beatiufl is the scenery one cant help wanting to get all hyperbowlic and say some big sweeping statement like... 'The landscape of Rwanda is the most beatiful in all of Africa' with out lying.

Knowing a little about the atrocities that occoured here when the world turned a blind shoulder in 1994 it is uncomprehsable and athetical to all that surronds me.

We stopped in Kabli for lunch and a visit to the genocide museum- the very sight that 50,000 people died just 15 short years ago.

What is contained within the walls of the museum/memorial is a harrowing inditement on the human condition... brutality enough to make grown men weep.

I dont look at the people of Kabali much, I find eye contact difficult as what the people here have seen and done to each other is just unthinkable.

As the bus makes it's way out of Kabali we pass rivers of mud that resemble Willy Wonka's river of chocolate, picturesque banana plantations and terraced alotments that seem to reach into the clouds.

On the bus front-seems that Steves crush on Tweedie has been pacified by Aussie Amanda's presence. Dave and I are getting along famously- he is hilarious and I feel special that he chooses to sit with me as he is easily the funniest and most well liked person in our group....slowly in seems we are devloping our own secret language of stolen looks, winks and smiles. Mel is still mother hen and coolest couple would be Aziz and Lilly- two sydney-ites who i just adore.

Love me

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