Thursday, March 26, 2009

One of my favourites

Back in Nairobi to met 9 more passengers i was surprised to have one of my favourite days of the trip.For a girl who is afraid of animals, i have taken massive strides on this holiday... firstly there was my pain stricken encounter with the Hippos at lake baringo, then my terrifying brush with a 400 kilo silver back in Rwanda and now I had the opportunity to interact with my favourite herbivore- the giraffe.

At the Karen Blixen giraffe sanctuary in Nairobi i fell in love with Lauren the giraffe as i felt her slimy tongue caress my hand as i fed her.

Lauren's breath stunk and her lick was slurpy but her manner was so friendly i could not resist, grabbing more and More food- patting her head and posing for photos with her.

With a track record of never hurting humans giraffes make great friends.

Afterwards when girl could not get any happier we went to a elephant and rhino orphanage and watched as the cutest elephants came and played with us....they are the cutest thing in the world. next we were introduced to a 2 month old baby black rhino who was adorable and the size of a Labrador...shiny, leathery and lovely too.

That night after a few games of Killer (darts) where i discovered i am hopeless and only hit the board about 50 % of the time- despite aiming for the BIG 10 i did manage to hit the bullseye once.

Afterwards of the recommendation of Julius we went to dinner at a local restaurant named hysterically 'the Mamba' and only Goat available i was unsure of waht to expect.... but i was in for a perfect ending to a perfect day.... we delighted in the succulent meat and i decided that goat is fair game... it is amazing and i urge you all to try it if you can.

Aside from the food dinner was amazing, the company (Lily, Aziz, An and rob (Dave's brother) had a ball.

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