Thursday, March 26, 2009

It is a long way to Tan- Zan-ia

Waking up still dreaming of goat and with a late night conversation with Dave still fresh in my mind- i was not in the best mood.

Before slumber last night Dave told me that one of the other girls on the trip said some nasty things about me to him the details of which I wont bore you with here.... the end result was that I was and am pretty upset.

I also remembered how upset i was at his flirting with other people. It is Dave's fault that he is hilarious and handsome and that girls naturally flock around him and given girls out number boys on the trip 5:1 the stakes are high, girls are bitchy and Dave for all the positive qualities he possess likes the attention- which really aggravates an already tense situation.

I wont go in to specifics but say this- the flirting that happens is at times outrageous, at other times hurtful and whilst it is surely fun, it is extremely destructive and makes me like him less as it is clear that he does not respect me.

Mindful not to let my aggravation show in front of the team, i have found myself having to walk away when it gets too much. Silently i slip away and take 5 minutes of KP time to cool off, secretly praying that his outward flirtations will stop.

Last night i told him i was very upset with the situation and only hope that he changes his outward behaviour to the others because with all the girls throwing themselves at him and his displays of friendly flirting i fear i may loose my mind if things continue as they are. The joys of being a women.

After such a long digression I forgot to mention that we picked up 9 more passengers in Nairobi 3 of which are set to be good friends... first there is a kiwi couple called Ash and Wiki from Invercargil and Rob 2 (moby) a Manc who now lives in St Albans in the UK. Sadly we lost Aziz and Lily (my favourite couple) who i really like and am so glad that i met.

The drive to Tanzania was long and the air was hot- I could not think of a worse way to assimilate a new group of people but they seemed to manage.

It was a quiet day on the roads and aside from a 1 hour wait at the Tanzanian boarder there was not much to report....

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