Thursday, March 26, 2009


After Nakuru we travelled about 100 kilometres down the road to a town called Navasha. I Navasha Dave and I decided to upgrade from our smelly tent and get a room to share.

On one day we ventured into town with my hero Steve in search of a tennis ball t facilitate a truck ashes series with a game of cricket.

The Town (if you can call it that) was small, dusty and seemed to be one that time had forgotten... aside from a bright blue Barclay's bank on the main street that consisted of 5 shops that all sold the same thing and a bar- it was completely devoid of modernity. Cows wandered the litter filled streets. After stopping at all the shops without sicess we stopped by the bar for a quick beer to the delight of the publican... mazungus (white people) are a novelty in this part of the world.

Afterwards in an attempt to nullify the stupid heat... he was ridiculous that anywhere should be so ht we had a nap and afterwards we woke up and went for a walk around the camp and spotted An who seemed delighted t see us- seemed that after we left the town it had burned down and she was worried we were missing... Reading the newspaper the next day i saw that 100 homes were destroyed as well as the market.. we had missed it by minutes.


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