Thursday, March 26, 2009

Back in Kenya

Crossing the boarder back into Kenya was painless and gave me the opportunity to better observe the differences between Kenya and Uganda.

It seemed that Kenya was dryer, more barren (but more affluent at the same time) than it's neighbour.

We were headed back to Nakuru, the city where the original 4 spent our first night of the tour.

This time however we were to stay in the Nakuru national park after a game drive.

Nakuru is Kenya's second largest game park and home to thousands of smelly pink flamingos, leopards (who were on holidays when we visited), White Rhino and Lions (who had in the past 2 years killed 14 people at our very campsite).... wnough to guarantee a good nights sleep.

The park and game drive were spectacular- the landscape straight out of a photo anthology of what Africa should look like. Wheat coloured plains dotted with acica trees and an endless cobalt blue sky filled with the occasional marshmallow like fluffy whte cloud.

The wild life proved more dense and plentiful than that of Queen Elizabeth and allowed us to see dozens of Buffalo, zebra, rhinos (only 3 or 4), thousands of Flamingo (who don't photograph well) baboons (awful aggressive monkeys with red bottoms) and our first Dik Dik (a fox like little animal).

That night i felt distant from the Liverpudlian... almost as if he'd switched offa tap of affection and attention for me... for a minute t seemed that i might have made a mistake... t was at this moment i decided to reclaim my trip fr me and not let anyone Else's thoughts or actions impact on the enjoyment of my trip.... easier said than done. it was a terrible feeling.... that of being unwanted or uncared for by a man who until that moment i was thiking i could be falling in LOVE with. The feeling highlighted what a vulnerable position i was in.

At bed time i said good bye to the group and did not single Dave out.... Almost asleep i was amazed when a light appeared at my tent door- yep you guessed it- the Liverpudlian had come to apologise for being distant and quiet and also he came to say good night... the effort even though it was only a few steps through lion infested forrest gave me some faith in there beig an US existing. Since then each day has seen the affection grow and after pages and pages of gushing i bet you might be interested to know what the Liverpudlian is like....

Well looks wise he is about 6 foot tall (maybe taller), skinny with brown eyes and cheek bones to die for with short dark hair. Workwise dave is an aspiring photographer who studied film and Tv at University and currently works as an art director on movies and Tv. He is also hilarious.

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