Monday, March 09, 2009

The Road to Rwanda

Awake at 5:30am as designated alarm clock we packed our tents quickly and left Kampala for the second time- on the road towards Rwanda.

We stopped en route at the equator to pose for pictures and confirmed that water does really go down the drain differently in different hemispheres.

Afterwards we stopped at a fruit market as some kids from a local orphage were making their way to a near by church.... without warning teras suddenly flooded my face - the smiling faces of these beautiful orphans was enough to break my heart.

Mother hen Mel wrapped her arms around me and as i apologsed she said 'KP at least you feel and that is a wonderful thing'. It was a really nice thing to say. I am pretty embarressed by my mini break down- but sometimes the poverty here in Africa is gut wrenching... I feel fragile here- given the smile of a little kid is enough to make me cry... is that normal? Am I normal?

I have noticed that the further outside Kampala we get and the closer we get to Rwanda the happier the children get. Kids wave like maniacs and i feel a little uneasy and too privledged in my luxury bus waving regally to anyone that passes... maybe i am thinking about things too much???

Africa has certainly made me question so many things... i just hope i will find right answers.



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