Monday, March 30, 2009



With low expectations on what Dar would be like, I was shocked to find myself in a thriving metropolis, complete with modern roads (and traffic lights), tall multi story building painted various pastel shades, well dressed locals and a nice beach on the northern side of town.

The City itself is for most tourists (myself included) a jumping off point for East Africa’s beach paradise Zanzibar. The Cities modernity was surprising, its affluence and obvious development a million miles from the chaos that is every other African capital – think Nairobi, Cairo, Kabali and Kampala.

We drove to Absolute Africa’s base camp a sweat filled house on the shores of the sea. After a delicious seafood BBQ and game of beach cricket which amused the locals we made a camp fire and Dave and I escaped for a quiet moonlight swim.

I won’t bore you with the lovey bits but our swim was incredible as the sea was full of plankton and lit up with sparkles every time you moved.

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