Thursday, March 26, 2009


After the longest drive in history, the entire bus were all in a good mood to arrive in jinga Uganda's action capital. Situated at the start of the mighty Nile it's claim to fame being that it is the source of the river.

Approaching the City from the north it was easy to see hat this town is somewhat different to those in the rest of Africa and to Paul Theroux's assertion that all big Cities in Africa are slums- Jinga's red earth roads lead to grand colonial homes with wide verandas, bay windows and a general affluence unseen in the rest of Africa.

After lots of encouragement from a nameless boy i decided to go white water rafting on the mighty Nile (with out travel insurance)- the first and only crazy thing i have done this Holiday.

On the morning f the rapids i expected to be a ball of nerves instead i was ready for action and adventure as my blog title suggest i should be.

The boat was lead by Paulo a Ugandan champion kyacker who has competed all over the world whose mission was to maximise our fun, ensuring that we avoided the 'chicken' runs at all costs instead flipping our boat 4 times on monster rapids... causing optimal carnage.

Despite falling upside down in grade 5 rapids i never felt unsafe and instead got a massive rush.

The other 2 days were spent lazing Nile side with Dave being cute and developing an infatuation. Jinga was also the place where we came out to the rest of the team.

The news was well received buy the rest of the group (in the main) the girls seemsed happy for me and the boys seemed not to care... well all accept one girl who made nasty comments under her breath... the remarks were hurtful and i was more offended by her unwavering and unrequited affection that she displayed to you know who (this is a common theme of the weeks ahead).

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