Monday, March 09, 2009

The Black Mumba and my new friends

The bus has been injected with new blood and it is good. Whilst I have only spent a few hours with the newbies firm favourites are already developing.

I can see myself gettig along really well with Dave from Liverpool- with a sense of humor to die for, since meeting him i have not stopped laughing. There is also An from Belgium who is interesting, mature and intellectual (someone i am not afraid to say... 'i have read a book about that' too)...It is funny to think how the injection of 14 people will effect us... the orginal 4. Will Mel (my favourite) mother hen who thankfully reminds me daily to take my malaria meds be over taken??? Will Steve's infactuation with my lovely 18 year old tent buddy Tweedie survive now that flirty aussie amanda is on the scene??

Tweedie and I are developoing a really nice friendship- i feel a little like her mentor and only wish i was 18 too and could do all the things that she does instead of being the older wise friend. I have to say- she is defiitely the coolest 18 year old i have ever met... at an age where i was deciding if i should go to the enterance for the weekend she is off on a wild african adventure by herself...

Today whilst our new friends went off to a chimpanze reserve Tweedie and I decided to save some $$$ and spend the afternoon at the botanic gardens in down town Entebbe.

Our peace, serenity were unfortunatly shattered when a man let his trouser snake escape (black mumba) on purpose.... poor tweedie does not need to be exposed to anything like that whilst I as her more mature chaperone definitely dont need to see anyone flashing me...

Thats about it for today.



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