Thursday, March 26, 2009

Back to Niroberry

I was not happy when the trucks itinerary included a weeks drive back to Nirobbery- complete with stops at the same places, campsites, monuments and parks as we did in our first week.

However there was one shining light- Dave & I- I am still really enjoying his company, affection and laughter (which is contagious).

The dynamics of the bus have changed a little- there are lots of romances in the air.

1- Dave and I
2- An (my favourite Belgium)and Julius our Ugandan tour guide.
3- Tweedie (my old tent buddy before Dave) and Ian (the Aussie Chippy)
4-Steve (our mechanic and my hero... he is awesome)and Rachel ( a particularly sweet lawyer from Manchester).

It is strange having a relationship on the truck- fr starters i have discovered i posses a jealous streak which i hate. Dave being a ladies man attracts attention from the girls and i hate it when other girls hug, touch, squeeze and flirt with him... i know that i am not really allowed to have these feelings but they certainly exist.

Also i feel that it would be nice t go out on a date with him with out the whole world following us- it is hard too know f there really is stuff happening or if the chemistry that exists would follow us to Sydney or Liverpool at some future stage.

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