Thursday, March 26, 2009

rainbows and wonderful adventures

Africa has proved a wonderful adventure for me- providing me with not only a thousand unanswered big questions but also with the opportunity to get to know myself (and like myself) better.

It is now day 19 and i feel more comfortable than ever... the only sadness that exists within my soul is associated with the departure of the lovable Liverpudlian.

I desperately don't want him to leave in Zanzibar as preplanned and whenever i catch myself thinking about it i want to cry.

I am not sure if it is fair but his presence is like a huge rainbow in my life- shining beautifully now but certain to disappear at some point- like all rainbows do.

In my mind i try and think of solutions to the departure-i am cheered by the fact Dave has promised me he will move to Australia at some point this year.

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